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Our Company

Who are we?

Visible was established to offer innovative training solutions, completely designed and adapted to the specific needs of each company and organization. Our services and products combine our team’s training and professional experience with Skillsoft’s expertise and training material. Our solutions are implemented with strong experiential methodology & flexibility so as to achieve maximum penetration and effectiveness.

Our Vision

Make a substantial contribution to changing the way people learn. We show them how to use their inner magic to improve their performance as professionals, and we help them discover new reasons for learning, developing and moving forward as members of a team they work and create daily, offering them innovative training tools.

Our Commitment

We consider ourselves “stakeholders” in our clients concerns; therefore we design the most suitable solutions for their needs.

Our mission

To provide high quality training using original methods that people will love and companies will prefer because of the excellent result.

Our philosophy

Our Philosophy stems from our belief that training is a continuous and ongoing process. Our company supports trainees in every step of their learning path, taking care of, not only the implementation of each training program but also the establishment of new knowledge.

Our unique sales proposition:

Combining our holistic approach and methodology with deep knowledge of Greek and International market, We offer innovative and practical training solutions tailored to customer needs.


Our holistic approach

“We make visionary changes visible”