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Team & collaboration development programCase study

Subject: Team & collaboration development program

Requirement: Leading Company in the field of heavy industry needed a training program for its executives in order to empower their teamwork and cooperation skills. More specifically, the need was occurred after the merger of two departments which caused change management difficulties at the participants, mainly regarding the communication among them. The aim was to create a sense of being one team and eliminate the fragmented communication among members.

Solution: we created an experiential workshop that was developed in two phases:

In phase 1, the program was addressed only to the team of managers and

In phase 2, the program was addressed to the entire department (managers & subordinates together)

The aim was multifaceted: to develop team spirit among managers, to enhance team communication, to empower participants in managing change and accepting new ideas and to integrate the team in the new management model.

In the first phase of the program, managers participated in a 2-days experiential program that was structured as follows:

  • Theoretical framework

    • Principles of effective communication
    • Leadership & emotional intelligence
    • Managers’ development in their role (situational leadership, feedback)

  • Experiential activities for establishing knowledge in practice. Each activity was managed by the participants, in rotation, while the most important part was how each management style was debriefed and how the behaviors that occurred during the activities were connected to their professional reality.

In the second phase of the program, the entire department took part in a one-day experiential program in order for the participants to realize that when we are all together as one team, everything is possible.

Result: all participants responded with enthusiasm to this program and they found a high connection and applicability between the program and their every day working life.



June 23, 2015


Team & collaboration development program