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Team bonding & cooperation reinforcement programCase study

Subject: Team bonding & cooperation reinforcement program

Required: Leading Company in the pharmaceutical sector needed a program of team reinforcement and cooperation, headed to the entire population of the company.

Solution: we created an experiential workshop based on a cooking activity program in order to not only empower and bond participants, but also to help them understand the diversity between them, transform it into an asset for the whole team, realize that the effectiveness of a team derives from teamwork and trust, enhance their adaptability and flexibility to probable difficulties and cultivate innovative ideas overcoming any restrictions.

The experience was framed theoretically with concepts such as the characteristics of a successful team. Theory was strengthened in practice through experiential activities while certain behaviors that arose, were commented and connected to the participants’ professional reality. The program was completed with the creation of an action plan.

Result: The program was successfully implemented and provoked great enthusiasm to the participants who gained some very useful skills in order to be able to work together better2 as well as managing a team project more efficiently.



June 23, 2015


Team bonding & cooperation reinforcement program