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Live & Learn

Live & learn

“Live & Learn” is a category of experiential programs that reflect Visible’s philosophy. For us, experiential training is the most powerful method of adult learning. Therefore, we have created a series of flexible experiential programs that aim to:

  • Brand Awareness

  • Budget control

  • Corporate Responsibility

  • Cross Functional co-operation

  • Customer Service

  • Energising a conference

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Exploring Excellence

  • Fun & Motivation

  • Managing change

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Networking

  • Practical leadership

  • Project planning

  • Risk management

  • Stimulating Creativity

  • Strategy Communication

  • Team Dynamics

  • Uniting Teams

  • Visualising The Future

Some of our topics are:


Interactive workshop whose purpose is to create a team map which will contain the communication language of the team, the parameters and the responsibilities of each role.

Why to choose it:

  • To restructure team’s job descriptions
  • To bridge perceived and actual responsibilities in each role
  • To reinforce accountability

The “all weather” team

Participants have to go through various challenges confronting the 4 elements of nature (earth, water, air, fire).The program starts with easy activities, where each activity is a challenge for each of the elements. But what happens when things are getting more difficult and participants need to confront two elements of nature at the same time?

This program brings light to the team’s power to achieve even the impossible.

Why to choose it:

  • To empower a Team

  • To boost morale

  • To overcome obstacles

  • To highlighting the value of diversity

Cooking for Success

Participants aim is to create a full meal (starter, main course & dessert) within the Time and Budget been given, following a series of alternatives and restrictions. Each team must define their roles, plan their actions, manage the available resources, prepare the meal and finally present their creations.

Why to choose it:

  • It works well as a diagnostic tool

  • Enhances creativity

  • For change/ crisis management

  • For Resource/ budget management

  • For developing negotiation skills

Team’s pyramid

This experiential workshop is suitable for new teams / teams that have gone through changes / teams with new members. Participants need to go through a series of challenges in order to strengthen their skills in each stage of the team’s pyramid which finally leads to the creation of the team’s vision.

Why to choose it:

  • To develop teamwork

  • To enhance team’s trust & communication

  • To reinforce focus on results

  • To empower role distribution

  • To empower team’s belief that goals can be achieved through teamwork

  • To create team’s vision

Team on the stage

Team activates all its creative and artistic temperament in order to create, from scratch, a play or a short film. The participants are given limited resources & in order to complete the project successfully.

Why to choose it:

  • To strengthen a business department identity

  • To advertise- communicate department’s achievements

  • To enhance creativity skills

Training through screen

In collaboration with a production company we create for you, model tutorial videos that work as your own training material (Best & Worst Scenarios) at various training topics (eg. customer service, sales, management skills).

Why to choose it:

  • Customized videos with your own scenario

  • Professional production


This concept combines the Olympic spirit with the advantages of competition. The teams are challenged in 7 different sports at the same time. All teams must succeed in all sports and gather the best score.

Why to choose it:

  • Suitable for team bonding

  • Promotes team’s power

  • Highlights the balance between body and spirit.

Business board games

Business board games are a smart way to enhance entrepreneurial thinking to your employees.

Participants will come across challenges, restrictions, opportunities and risks with a specific goal. In order to carry out their mission, they need to organize a strategic plan and to gain the maximum from every move and every decision.

Why to choose it:

  • It is an indoor action

  • Suitable for senior executives

  • Develops entrepreneurial thinking

  • Reinforces accountability

Team’s strength canvas

Team members discover their individual communication style through the completion of specific psychometric tools. Each style is depicted in a huge canvas and reveals the team’s profile.

After the canvas of the team is completed, participants, in the context of a workshop, work together on their strengths and weaknesses. Finally they create action plans order to turn each talent to team’s advantage.

Why to choose it:

  • To highlight each member’s uniqueness

  • To enrich collaboration

  • To reveal team’s dynamic

  • To decode different personalities

  • To exchange best practices