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Management Skills

Management Skills

The continuous personal development in managerial skills is bind to the continuous development of each company.
Our training programs are designed according to each company’s needs, taking advantage of Visible’s deep knowledge of Greek business market and Skillsoft’s international training experience which is always up to date.

Our methodology includes:

  • The Prework: on-the-job observation to discover the specific needs of the participants.

  • The design of the training program according to the company’s culture

  • Implementation of the program

  • Program Evaluation Report

  • Follow up sessions that establish gained knowledge

Some of our topics are:

  • Situational Leadership and motivating teams

  • Effective Delegation

  • The role of the Leader

  • Developing and managing a team

  • Coaching & Feedback

  • Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

  • Basic Management Principles

  • Negotiation Skills in Leadership

  • Leading Change in an organization

  • Crisis management

  • Conflict management